A beautiful Sunset at Kausani

What do you look at the most when you are at a hill station? Well for me it’s the sunset, a beautiful sunset. Hi friends I am Mr. Singh from Hotels Kausani and today I want to share some amazing information about my hometown which is a beautiful hill station at the foot hills of the Great Himalaya Mountains. The above is a beautiful panorama picture from my resort of the Great Himalayas. So you can expect what an amazing destination Kausani is. So if you are interested and wants to visit the hill station then you must have a look at the below points.

Adventure Activities

Kausani is a heaven for mountain climbers as it has Rudradhari Falls & Caves. These caves are located deep in pine forests and all the hard work to reach here is complimented with an astonishing view of the Rudradhari Falls. These falls are like thousands of years old and weren’t known to mankind for a long time. A precaution note- Don’t risk bringing kids over here as the caves are more involve in adventure activities rather than a picnic spot.

The Kausani Tea Estate

The temperature here in Kausani is pretty favorable for tea plantation and since the British ear the town has been engage in Tea plantation. Today the Kausani tea estate is a major source of income for locals and for hospitality members like us as the estate is a popular tourist attraction and pretty close to the city. The estate welcomes travellers to visit the factory where the processing is done (from wet leaves to finished products) and even buy some of the finest tea which is mostly exported to locations like UK & USA.

The religious tourism

Well every hill station in Uttarakhand or India has a historic religious temple & Kausani has 3. The Baijnath Temple is a very popular & mythological temple near to Kausani, in a small town name Baijnath. Baijnath is full of Hindu temples and is famous for the Baijnath Mandir dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple was built around 1150 AD and has an attractive architecture.

Than we have Rudrahari Mahadev Temple which is close to the Rudrahari falls and the 3rd one is Lakshmi Ashram which more of an education institution started in 1948 by Katherine Mary Heilemann (a UK resident who came to India because she was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi movement).

Best time to visit Kausani

Best time to visit Kausani is from the month of November to February as these are the months of the snowfall and the maximum temperature isn’t above 15*C. Kausani isn’t an overcrowded hill station as Nanital or Shimla and hence most travellers are those who wants to spend a calm full evening and adventure activities.

Accommodation & how to reach Kausani

Well the best way to reach Kausani is via road. It will take 7-8 hours to reach Kausani from New Delhi and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport. Accommodation is Kausani starts at around 20$ and one can also book a luxury resort or cottage in Kausani at around 100$ a day. Kausani has become a popular destination for Honeymooners and a perfect weekend destination for Delhi & Chandigarh residents. For more information on Kausani you can check the below reference.

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