Be Your Friends' Favorite Entertainer: Party in a Vehicle

If you want to entertain, captivate, and impress your friends and family during your next big event or party, you should consider partying on one of the many different party vehicles.

Planning a unique wedding, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, bar mitzvah, engagement, or business party can be challenging. One of the biggest issues in trying to plan the perfect event is finding the venue. Many people think of parks, restaurants, bars, or other clichés when event planning, but a good party is one that is not of the norm. That is why many people are choosing to party in vehicles; that’s right, parties and other events can take place in buses, limos, and even private yachts. Depending on your budget, party size, and type of atmosphere you want, each vehicle choice has great and different amenities to offer.

For one of the newer, more unique party vehicles, you may want to hire a party bus. A party bus is basically just that; a large (or small) bus that drives you and your friends around to whatever destinations you want. Party bus services usually include open bars, stereo systems, disco lights, dance poles, and restrooms. While every rental company is different, party bus prices usually start at about $100 an hour and can go up to $800 or more, depending on factors such as passenger size, bus style, day of the week, date, time of the day, and destination.

Types of vehicles you can choose from when hiring a party bus can include SUV limos, Mercedes buses, and “benz buses” which can hold up to 80 or more passengers. Passenger sizes on party buses can be as small as one or two people and as large as 80 or more.

A classic oldie but goodie choice is, of course, hiring a limo. Limos are a timeless icon of style, elegance, and classic entertainment; a true way to show your friends you know how to have fun (with class). Limo services can include things such as passenger pickup/drop-off, mini-bars, and complimentary drinks, alcohol, and food. Depending on passenger size, date, vehicle style, etc., pricing can range anywhere from $45 an hour to as much as $100 an hour. Vehicle style choices for limos often include standard sedans, 4x4 SUVs, club wagon vans, Lincoln, Escalade, or H2 Hummer limos, and of course, the classic stretch limo.

In a limo, your party size can be up to about 15 people, or you can be a lone rider and ride in style by yourself. This vehicle is more suitable for events such as wedding or prom celebrations, as there isn’t much room to do much and it is typically more used for transportation than actually partying inside.

Lastly, if you really want to impress your friends with a vehicle-staged event and have some dough to spare, you may want to consider chartering a private cruise or yacht. Enjoy the views of open waters and scenery with your friends while you indulge in food, drinks, and dancing. Most private yacht companies offer event catering, food, and alcohol, as well as DJ’s and music. If you’re planning on getting married, you may want to look for a company that includes flowers, cakes, and photography to weddings. This unique and fun event venue comes at a price, however; some of the cheapest yacht rental prices are about $600 an hour, while there can also be packages available for $5,000+ for several days. Relax in an intimate setting with only 2 people, or dance the night away on the water with 80+ friends and family.

CTAWhether you’re getting married, celebrating your birthday, or just treating yourself and some friends, there are many fun and innovative ways to entertain like a pro; your friends will be glad they know you.

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