Australia Still The Prime Place to Emigrate to in 2012


More and more people are choosing to emigrate to Australia, especially Brits suffering the capricious weather conditions. Australia has many great cities, beautiful beaches, constant hot weather, perfect if you like the holiday atmosphere all year round. If you want to settle in Australia, you can gain entry via a working visa if you are skilled in any profession and are in demand. Here are three fantastic destinations Australia has to offer.


"Classy" Melbourne

Melbourne has gained top status as a city providing the highest standard of living. Life here is extremely relaxed, slower and gentile. Melbourne also has a cosmopolitan quality that feels as trendy and chic as Paris. If you love shopping, the arts, and theatre and lots of culture, Melbourne is the place to soak it all up. The core of the cultural elite and one of its most visited attractions is located at Federation Square. There are an eclectic range of restaurants, cafés, and wine bars.

There are loads of museums, from the Chinese Museum to the Museum on Australia Immigration. Come spring, for all those trendy folks, there’s Melbourne Fashion Week, which showcases the world’s elite in fashion. If you are thinking of visiting or settling in Australia, Melbourne is the place to live. You can check out some fantastic real estate in Melbourne online and see what property you can move into.



"Hip & Funky" Perth

Perth is the pulsating capital of Western Australia, the nation’s fastest growing State. It’s also the local government authority guiding developments, and is the main provider of entertainment for the 2 million people living in the metropolitan area. The city is the leading destination for business, nightlife, culture and the arts, its inner city thriving, more and more people attracted here. Not only does it serve over 18,000 inner-city residents, Perth also caters for over 112,000 visitors on a daily basis.

Perth takes the reigns of all municipal operations, and is dedicated to improving the bands of services provided to the community, from the universal accessibility and public transport, to hosting free entertainment. It also maintains beautiful, verdant public areas, a great place to visit or settle down in.


"Hot and Pulseing" Adelaide

Adelaide’s population is over 1.1 Million, and is the capital of South Australia. It benefits from a Mediterranean climate, promising a lot of interest from people looking to visit or emigrate to. It is always hot, and the two climate hazards during summer are: sunburn and tremendous heat – temperatures can top 40 degrees Celsius! If you can’t stand the thought of those sweltering long days, you could consider looking at properties in the hills, or choosing seaside locations as they benefit from a breeze and don’t get as hot.

So combine the climate with really low house prices, and you’ll discover this place an extremely attractive proposition. Another great aspect about Adelaide is its need for the skills of over 5,000 new people from overseas, looking to develop its economy further – good news if you’re looking for a working visa.