Aogashima Volcanoe a beauitiful place to visit

Aogashima Volcano a beautiful place to visit Aogashima volcano is a “double volcano” that is situated a couple of hundred miles from Tokyo in the Izu Islands. With a population of just 175 people it is known for having the smallest village in Japan.

If you're the type of traveller who doesn't need life's luxuries but appreciates the natural wonders of the world then Aogashima Volcano is a magical place that you can visit for either a day trip or have a longer stay to appreciate the village life. The volcano itself is active! but last erupted in 1781 where between 130-140 of the population of 327 unfortunately lost their lives.

It is not currently reported to be to active and is now a class C active volcano, so there is a small risk to be taken.The island itself is small with a length of 3.5km and a width is 2.5km so everything can be explored on foot. Not many tourists visit the island but the locals are accommodating and appreciate any tourism. How to get there Being an isolated island it isn’t the easiest place to travel too but there are a couple of options. You will need to start your journey in Tokyo, from Tokyo you can travel either by air plane or boat to the island of Hachijojima.

Once at Hachijojma you have the option to travel to the Aogashima Volcano by a ferry that leaves once a day and takes 2.5 hours or via helicopter. It is reported that the boat is often cancelled due to the rough sea conditions so many prefer to take the helicopter for reliability and beautiful views.

Where to stay:

This is where the traveller in you will have to appreciate the simple things in life. There are no fancy hotels but there are a few guest houses “Minshuku” that can provide basic accommodation and an experience of local life. Another option that some travellers prefer is to camp which is accepted by the locals. What to do This visit will definitely suit explorers and hikers. There are many natural springs that surround the central volcano and some hot steam vents which are too hot to to go near but can be used to heat up food if you choose to go camping. there is a very small village that is isn't as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the island and unfortunately there are no shops or bars but that isn’t what this trip is about. If you do need accommodation or food you do have a couple of guest houses other than that this an opportunity to experience a natural wonder and an isolated island life.

Unless you wish to truly experience local life then just visit as a day trip.

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