Another indicator of America's Improving Travel Industry's Health.

Good news for Hawaii after Three years of suffering one of its worst tourist season, now reports are coming in of record amounts of visitor which of course translate to more revenue.

 Visitors to the Aloha state spent $1.1 billion in May 2012 , a 17.5% increase over the same month in 2011, setting a new record for that month, according to information released Thursday by the Hawaii Tourism Authority. The island state welcomed 622,899 visitors in the month of May 2012 , a 12.5% increase over the same month in 2011, also a new record for that particular month, Hawaii tourism officials said. The increase marks the second consecutive month of record breaking spending figures and visitor totals to Hawaii. The increase demand has prompted several Air Carriers , including Hawaiian, United and Allegiant, to add new direct flights and Routes to the islands. The growth is mainly due to increased Tourists visiting from the East and West Coast of the U.S. in addition to Canada and Japan. In 2009, the lingering effects of the Financial Crisis and a Sharp decline in business travel pushed tourist numbers so far down that Hawaiian officials wrote to President Obama for help! The officials asked the Hawaiian-born president to block any policies that would limit business travel in the future.Do you think that was the Major Force in Improving Tourism Figures ? Of Course not. Looking closely at Tourism Figures in the Continental USA , it is growing all over the place, most remarkably iin the Tourism Capital of the world. ORLANDO!