American Lifestyle and Culture - What is it? Travel to the U.S. and Experience it First-hand

American skeptics will say something like this does not exist. And America lovers find it difficult to define exactly what is an American lifestyle.

What is "American lifestyle"?

But that's not so difficult to answer. There's not just one American lifestyle, but many different ways of life, each could very well be divided into regions: life in New England in the New England states of the U.S. east coast determines the life along the Atlantic Ocean, it is rather a rustic lifestyle, still strongly characterized by the historical roots of the region. To live with and from nature, this shows in everyday life. What to cook and also tourist facilities that often reflect the idyllic New England.

The way you live in the eastern states in the region around New York, Washington DC , Philadelphia, Baltimore and around the region determines life. This is reflected in the huge cities of the region. Rural lifestyles are rare here. Instead, urban lifestyle determines the daily lives of people. Travel to the eastern U.S. via east coast tours or independent travel and discover the lifestyle and culture of the region firsthand. Sometimes the feeling and experience of being there is enough to understand the nuances of what makes the region distinctive.

Lifestyles in the southeastern U.S.: The south still living off the past as a former slave region - even if now it's more in the culinary field and tourism. The food of the southern states is quite different from anything that comes to the table in the rest of the United States. Tourist attractions in the area today play off the old plantation houses that take a major role. Places like Macon, Charleston or Savannah still reflect the spirit of the Old South against Caribbean Feeling Florida. Florida is a region of the U.S., which is already heavily influenced by the Caribbean and Cuba - no surprise, but a large part of its population originates from these regions. Caribbean is easy living therefore so is the feeling of life, especially in the southern part of Florida. And the kitchen loves Florida Caribbean: exotic fruits are in abundance in the Sunshine State. And water - be it the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico - is never very far away.

The best thing about traveling to Florida is that it's possible throughout the entire year because of the great weather.

The Cajuns of Louisiana life, like in the southeast today is marked by the history of the plantation owners in the Deep South of the United States. Louisiana - and especially the bayous - are an exception. Many Acadians settled in the mid-18th Century were expelled from eastern Canada and determine the lifestyle of the region today.

Your kitchen - the Cajun Cuisine - is influenced by the French-Canadians and is considered typical for this region. The Wild West Texas and the Midwest are what formerly was known as the Wild West. And what would be distinctive to this region are huge herds of cattle. Although the golden age of the cattle barons is long gone, there are still bred cattle. And so are barbecues and life on the range for typical local lifestyles here. Spanish and Indian enclaves in southwestern New Mexico and the southwest between Utah is felt to this day, the Spanish and Native American influence. If you visit a farmers market in New Mexico dried hot chili peppers are typical. The residents like to decorate their homes with Native American rugs, areas made ​​of mud brick building in these regions placate each city.

The Californian Way of Life

California lifestyle is influenced by the coastal landscapes, wine regions and the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada. And because the Golden State has always been a vanishing point of many civilizations, refugees can be found here - as indeed even more so in the north bordering Oregon numerous residents who prefer an alternative lifestyle. Outdoors and alternative lifestyle in the northwest of Washington State to Seattle, Mount Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula is a region in the sea but also outdoor life plays a major role. No wonder! There are still impressive landscapes that lure people outside.

Rustic Lifestyle in Big Sky Country, the Rocky Mountain region of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana is also called the "Big Sky Country". Here you can still find large cattle ranches, and even bison are raised here today. Cowboy hats, rustic lodges and cozy houses made ​​of wood or even log cabin-style are commonplace here. And steaks are like in Texas, here on the plate. Rural it is but not as in the Great Plains. The country's vast wheat and corn fields on the Great Plains to the east includes and extends up to the Great Lakes. Small, hidden villages are often far away from the major highways, and to date these regions are the most rural areas the United States has to offer. Travel to the west coast via west coast tours or independent travel and experience the rustic region firsthand. You will be glad you did when you experience the beauty of the west.

Urban and maritime: the Great Lakes is all the greater contrast to Chicago and Detroit, the two major cities on the Great Lakes. The rest of this huge area is lined with small towns who often do not even know their name and the Americans themselves. A big contrast that is offered here: urban lifestyle in the cities and rustic life in the country. We do not want the term "American lifestyle" to be limited to the United States. Even the neighboring state of Canada, we are among them. How can we characterize the regions in their lifestyle? And who wants to experience the American lifestyle? It definitely indicates that U.S. travelers do. 

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