Amenities and Perks of Party Bus Rentals

Partying in a bus rental is a fun and luxurious way to party. You can use them for birthdays, stag nights, bachelorette parties and many other events. Compared to single-venue parties, party bus rentals come with great benefits.

In addition to that, you get to use a bus car of your choice be it a limo or a luxury van depending on your type of party. There are many bus rental companies across the cities and booking an LA party bus rental is fast and simple.

The holidays come with a lot of party planning. There are those hosting or attending parties at home, while some will opt to travel around in a party bus. The advantage of having a bus party is that you get to travel to your destinations of choice while you have fun in the luxurious bus. Some of the amenities and perks of party bus rentals are discussed below


Lighting is one of the most important features of a party bus. Some of the best bus lighting systems may include disco balls, strobes or lasers. You can use them in lighting shows on the bus or to create the perfect ambiance for you and your friends to dance all night.

Apart from the lights, most party buses also come fitted with some of the best sound systems. To make it even more fun, you can play your kind of music by plugging in your iPod. Otherwise, there is a whole lot of music variety in the bus.

You will be most impressed by the leather couches in the party bus. It is important that you are comfortable especially if you are travelling. The seats come built in with a drink-holder for your convenience.

A party is not complete without refreshments. The bar is fully built with ice buckets for your champagne and coolers for your beer. Just make sure that you have a bartender on board to serve your drinks.

In addition to the above, you will also get televisions and DVD players in the party bus should you wish to watch your favourite games or TV shows.

For your convenience, the party bus is also built in with a bathroom.


A party bus rental comes with many perks: the most obvious being that you get to party in a luxurious bus while you travel with friends.

One advantage is that you can invite everybody. Party buses can hold as many as 40 or 60 people depending on the type. The more, the merrier so make sure all your friends are invited because there is space for everyone.

While partying, you can also go sightseeing or on a tour to the town around you. Most party bus rentals companies provide VIP entry to other clubs so you do not have to wait in line to get into the hottest clubs.

You can also get a cheap party bus to save on costs. This can be very affordable compared to hosting people in a single venue. You can pool funds with your friends for transportation, food and drinks, or better still, just invite them for a BYO. Your friends will also enjoy the door to door pick up and drop off before and after the party.

Partying in a bus is also much safer since your patrons are spared from DUI’s and insecurity. You will be provided with a bus driver who will drive you as you party and back home after your party.