Alaskan Cuisine Tours ! Sounds interesting.

Cruise Lines are now quite much into themed Cruises. Theme might be for a particular interest , hobby or activity. 


Alaskan Food Tours allows locals and visitors alike the unique opportunity to stroll through beautiful downtown Juneau while sampling delectable Alaska cuisine at some of the area’s best restaurants.


For $99, Alaskan Food Tours’ seasoned guides will take guests on a three-hour culinary adventure through the streets of Alaska’s capital city. From dining on seafood at a waterfront restaurant to satisfying the desert lovers with locally made fudge while taking in a view of the city, the tour provides a delightful tour of the sights, tastes and culture of Alaska.


In addition to being featured during Alaskan Food Tour, downtown Juneau is home to a variety of local attractions, shops, restaurants and accommodations. 


Right now Alaskan Food Tours doesn’t have a formal contract with any of the cruise lines but since it’s done right downtown, you can experience the tour irrespective of any cruise line you are a passanger on.