9 Items you must pack to travel in the UK

Travelling around the UK can be less predictable than most countries; brilliant sunshine can turn to a torrential downpour in a few minutes and visa versa. However, all the equipment you need to deal with the climate in the UK is incredibly easy to find, buy and carry.

Waterproof Trousers

There is nothing worse than struggling around in soaking wet jeans or trousers, these light weight waterproof trousers go over your trousers, skirt, or shorts and keep you dry. They then dry off quickly and fold up very small.


The most common weather is t-shirt weather. So not bringing some plain t-shirts would be foolish.

Shirt and tie or dress

Planning on going out or for a nice meal or to the theatre? Some nice clothes will make sure you feel suitably dressed for special occasions.

Smart shoes

Trainers and walking shoes are banned from many nightclubs and there are lots of venues you wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them in. One pair of smart-ish shoes will see you through, and go with your smart clothes.

Swimming costume/trunks

Known as a 'cossie' in the UK it is worthwhile bringing one. Around the coast there are opportunities to do a whole host of activities in the water as well as a traditional swim.

Walking jacket

Walking in the country or on some of the beautiful peaks, hills and mountains will need to be done in a good walking jacket. A 2 in 1 where there is a detachable fleeced lining is the best option for comfort.


No matter where you are an umbrella is useful. Even if you have waterproof coats and trousers!

A warm jumper

Even in the height of summer the weather can change on you and the evenings can be incredibly chilly when it's brilliantly warm in the day time. A large sweatshirt is great for keeping cosy, comfortable and warm.


A sun hat

Despite all the weather warnings for waterproofs the sun can appear from no where and people can sometimes mistake or be unaware of how powerful the sun in the UK is. Being outside all day in the heat can result in serious sunstroke and worse. A sun hat and sun cream are a must.


That list should cover you for a mix of exploring, walking, healthy outdoor activities, general sight seeing and even some of the classier venues across the kingdom. Most of all, enjoy your trip!



Amelia is an avid walker, runner, sun seeker, adventurer and blogger.She writes for qtag.com qtag.com and other sites as a blogger.