8 Must Visit Places of Dubai

Dubai is prosperous and advanced nation; it is one of the fastest developing parts of the world. Fantastic towers, manmade islands, shopping malls, hotels and this place also have many adventure sports to keep the tourists engaged.

Luxury Hotels of Dubai provide world class services, their businesses are centered on the famous and rich people of the world. They have designed their accommodation keeping mind the necessities of the frequent travelers. After visiting Dubai people experience a kind of uniqueness in nearly everything.

Here is a list of the places you must visit.

Dubai World

Dubai World is a fantastic place to visit; it is a range of artificial islands. There are nearly 300 islands with designer livings; this is a different kind of concept for the world. The islands have facilities for tourists who come here for shopping; Dubai World is a designer city like the ancient cities of the world.

Dubai Underwater Hotel

The Dubai Underwater Hotel is under construction, they are going to give it a grand appearance. It will be huge and marvelous and will cover the area of 260 hectares. This hotel will have bubble shaped suites which are 20 meters under the water. The twin domes of this hotel will rise out of the water giving it a magnificent view. It is going to be the one of the largest tourist attractions of Dubai.

Palm Islands

Palm Islands in Dubai are the largest man made islands on the face of the earth and they have created history after making it. No one has ever built such a magnificent thing. People also call it as the eighth wonder of the world. They have a long list of several hotel packages for the tourists. After visiting this place no one feels like leaving this place.

Dubai Desert Safari

The desert experience is filled with thrill and adventure, how can you miss it?  You have the option of travelling into the desert by Hummer, or camel. You vehicle must be 4x4 and go for dune basing, the experience you will never forget.  Experience the desert night, and watch Arabian Belly Dance with Arabian food all this combined in one tour.

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House (Museum)

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum was the king of Dubai, the father of the present ruler of Dubai. His house is preserved as museum and you will come to know about several things about the Arabian people like how they lived and what was their culture before the transformation of Dubai to the most developed nation of the world?  Shaikh Saeed Al maktoum House (Museum) is a perfect example of the architectural heritage of Dubai.

Scenic Flying

Hot air balloon ride is also the much sought after sport, they have experienced pilots to take you for this ride. This tour will take you to the place where you cannot go by vehicle and Dubai looks astonishing from the air. After completing this ride tourists have a feeling of achievement.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is an architectural wonder and it surprised even the top architects of the world by its features when it was designed. At present this is known as the tallest building of the world. This is a residential building; it also has hotel and offices.

Cruise Dinner                                    

This is a fantastic place to spend your evening, relish your favorite dishes as you sail in the ocean. You can also go for a Dutch treat with your colleagues and opt for sharing basis dinner cruise. A Dutch treat means everybody pays for his own expenses.