8 most beautiful places to visit in China

China is a land with long history and have been hallowed with a vast territory. Blessed with both these traits, this country has much to offer to a tourist. Cities with breathtaking skyscrapers and country side with magnificent views are a feast to an outsider's eyes.

1. The Li River: This river flowing from Zhujiand Pier to Yangshuo appears like an artist's creation on a canvas. The landscape lined with bamboo grooves is decorated with steep cliffs, hills, caves and farmer's villages. A Chinese poem describes the river to be like a green silk ribbon and the hills like hairpins.

2. Lijiang Ancient Town: The ancient town of Lijiang featured in the list of World Heritage Sites as a special preservation area. The old Naxi architecture, water system and customs can still be seen in this town. The special character of Han and Naxi customs, architecture, arts and culture has been preserved by three old districts in this city. This town enjoyed the reputation of being a trading town where traders carrying goods on the famous "Chama Road" halted. 

3. West Lake: This lake was made by Chinese out of their love for recreational parks in garden style. It is an abode of tranquility where urbanity gets relegated to the silhouette on the horizon in the north east and rest of the directions are dominated by mountains. The tree lined walkways, hills and luxuriant islands are accentuated by Chinese style bridges and pagodas. The lake can be enjoyed by either a short cruise or a bike ride around it. 

4. Victoria Harbour: This takes a proud place among the most beautiful skylines in the world with the Victoria Peak visible in the backdrop. Observation decks of tall buildings offer delightful and stunning views of the harbor and the city around it. The view is breathtaking in the evening during the "Symphony of Lights". 

5. Lake Namtso: Namtso stands for "holy" in Tibetan language. This lake holds the distinction of being the highest altitude salt water lake at an elevation of 4,718m. The lake gets its water mainly from rains, snow of the NyenchenTonglhaMountains and small streams and the water is therefore very clear. Visitors find it amusing when the water of the lake assumes sky blue color and seems to be one with sky transforming the area into a fairy land.

6. Patola Palace: This palace became a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1994. This palace is credited for its huge treasure of articles from Tibetan culture, art and history. It also has a huge collection of Buddha statues, antiques, murals and jewelry. 

7. The Great Wall of China: It is one of the greatest sights in the world and is credited to be the longest wall in the world. It is an unbelievable feat of defensive ancient architecture. It supports some great scenery through its path over the rugged country and steep mountains. It rightly deserves its place among the seven wonders and UNESCO world heritage sites in China. It is also the only man made structure visible from the moon. 

8. Jiuzhaigou: Jiuzhaigou stands for The Valley of Nine Villages and these villages are spread around the valley. It is home to around 110 Tibetan and Qiang families and presents some of the world's best fairy-land sights. This place is all about spectacular scenery and nature's art. These places are sure to lure you into taking a tour of the country. China has rightly made a mark for itself on the world tourism map and with the ever increasing efforts of the Chinese to develop tourism and make it more attractive, this industry if further going to prosper.


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