7 Plane Etiquette Rules

Traveling on planes for hours can be uncomfortable. You get crammed in smaller places and rub elbows with people you don’t know. And not everyone has the luxury to upgrade seats. Fortunately, we can make traveling on planes comfortable though it needs everyone’s effort. Learning the following plane etiquette rules will help make everyone’s flight experience relaxed:


As you search for your seat, carry your bag in front of you. Carrying it beside you may knock seated passengers on their heads or arms.

Overhead Luggage Bins

Only use the overhead bins above your seat. Using others’ luggage bins is rude and can just delay flight as other passengers search for extra space.

Reclining Seats

Having your seat designed for reclining doesn’t mean you should recline it. Have a little consideration for the person behind you. Check if someone’s sitting on the seat at your back. You might want to spare some space to your fellow passenger especially if he’s about 6 ft tall. And if you really need to recline your seat, consider not fully reclining it.

The Armrest

Both you and your seatmate have the right to claim the elbow rest. However, most armrests are too small and designed for the use of one person only. If you’re seatmate also wishes to use it, asking yourself “Do I really need it?” And if you really do, you can simply ask your co-passenger “Would you mind if I use this space?” or find ways on how you can share it.

Your Personal Space

Having a skinny seatmate doesn’t mean that you can use the space that he paid for. So stay in your assigned area to avoid disturbing others.


Bring tissues and hanitizers in case you sneeze or cought. Also make sure that you’ve kept yourself clean before boarding the place. You wouldn’t want to be seated next to an unhygienic person right?

Exiting the Plane

When exiting the plane, avoid pushing others in order to get your way out first. Let the person nearest the exit to disembark the plane first. And when your turn comes, quickly move so that people behind you can also get their chance to disembark. Avoid staying on your seat for too long waiting for majority of the passengers to disembark. Your seatmate might be in a hurry or might have a connecting flight. Being a responsible traveler comes with a lot of good things. You’re not only making traveling comfortable, you’re also setting as a good example to others on how to be a good traveler. Remeber, traveling is not only about enjoying and visiting new places. It’s also about learning new culture and learning how to co-exist with others.

Author Bio: Ysabela Meraz is a travel blogger and photographer. She’s a contributor from travellingthephilippines.info . When she’s not busy, she loves baking cakes and watching comedy movies.