6 Weird Things We're All Guilty Of When We Stay At A Hotel

Everyone is strange in their own weird and wonderful way, but sometimes we all do the same things we would normally consider strange. A perfect example of this is when you stay in a hotel and we can look at a few of the strange habits everyone has so you can see what I mean.

Not tipping the maids

When someone provides you with a service you usually give them a nice tip. You would get funny looks if you didn't tip the waitress in your local diner and you might get sloppy service the next time you go back. If you can afford it you should definitely look after the people who look after you and hotel maids are no exception. They don't get paid a lot, so try leaving them a nice little tip the next time you stay somewhere.

Paying crazy minibar prices

You walk into a hotel room and see the mini-bar sitting in the corner full of delicious goodies. There is no way in the world you would normally pay that much for a chocolate bar or a can of soda, but because you're staying at a hotel you forget you're paying extortionate prices. The hotel is smart because they know by making something convenient for you they can inflate the prices and you will be happy to pay.

Stealing the toiletries

If you stay in a fancy hotel you usually get some lovely free toiletries in your room, but if you are staying in a cheaper hotel they leave a lot to be desired. That won't stop you from sticking those toiletries in your bag to take home. If you're being honest you will probably admit you don't even use them and they just get thrown away. Maybe we think by stealing the toiletries we are saving money on the price we paid for our hotel.

Constantly changing towels

How many times do you change your towel each week when you're at home? Most of us won't wash our towels after we've used them once because it's overkill. We would end up paying too much money for electricity plus it would give us far too much work to do. Just because you don't have to clean the towels yourself you think it's okay to demand a fresh one every day. Even though you use a fresh towel every morning doesn't mean you're going to be any cleaner.

Ruining the furniture

Hotel furniture doesn't belong to you, so you end up playing by a different set of rules when you're lounging in your room. You will keep your shoes on when you're lying on the couch. You'll probably walk all over the top of them too if you ever get the chance. We tend not to look after things that are not ours, especially if they belong to a massive hotel chain because they can afford to buy replacements.

Slowing down the internet

When you're staying in a hotel with Wi-Fi it means there are others people who will need to use it. You're not the only person who needs to connect with the outside world, but when you go on the internet it's to stream movies. This means the internet will almost stop to a standstill and some people will be sitting in their room unable to check their emails. You won't get caught for it, so it's not really a problem.

Can you relate to these?

Maybe you're not guilty of everything we've spoken about today, but there is a good chance a few of them stick out in your mind. I think the biggest problem is the fact we don't think straight when we're not at home, so maybe we need to change that.

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