6 Vacation Ideas That Should Be Skipped

Vacations are meant to be fun, relaxing and memorable, but choosing the wrong vacation destination can make for a bad experience and a general waste of time and money. Hundreds of well-known vacation destinations draw visitors from all over the Earth on an annual basis, and a few of them are a bit over-hyped. Here are six. Mexico City Mexico City is home to some of the most densely populated regions in the world, and it was once a hub of Latin culture and a popular vacation destination. This is no longer the case. Over the past decade, Mexico City has become run by drug lords and wrought with violence. This means that many of the destinations that used to be worth visiting are not, and Mexico City should be eliminated as a vacationing option for anyone with young families. Vacations and kidnapping are not two concepts that mix well. World's Largest Ball of Twine Things such as the world's largest ball of twine are perfect examples of Americana culture, but that doesn't mean they make good vacation destinations. Cawker City, Kansas is home to a ball of twine with a circumference of greater than 40 feet. It was started by a local man and added to by the community incrementally ever since. Every year, the city has a gathering and they continue to add to their world record sized ball of twine. An impressive feat, but not an item worth building a vacation around. Jersey Shore The cable television show by the same name has inspired some people to head toward the Jersey Coast for their vacations in hopes of re-creating the heavily scripted fun that the cast has been seen having. The truth is that the Jersey shore is a brutally cold and windy climate for the majority of the year, and when the sun does come out and make the temperature comfortable, so do the muscle heads with egos the size of Newark and fuses shorter than the length of a matchstick. There is not much to be found at the Jersey Shore for families, couples or people just looking to relax and be alone. Winchester Mystery House Rifle heiress Sarah Winchester was coaxed into moving to California and dumping millions of dollars into building an unnecessarily lavish house, which is now toured by visitors. Guides tell the tales of haunting spirits and the disturbed mind of Mrs. Winchester, but the tour of the house itself is uneventful, and every single piece of furniture and personality that the former owner once gave to the house has been removed. South Korean Borders This type of vacation is for the thrillseeker who likes to dance on the edge of risk, but trips to the South Korean borders are increasingly becoming a really bad idea. Global journalists, cameramen and other reporters have been snatched up along the South Korean border an imprisoned in previous years while trying to get as close to the caged-in country as possible, and vacationers should steer plenty clear of the communist nation. The Blarney Stone In an increasingly germ-conscious world, a vacation that centers on kissing a stone that has been smooched by literally millions is no longer appealing to the typical vacationer. Kissing it actually involves quite a hullabaloo, and patrons have to lie on their backs and lean into a small gorge to do so. There is not a whole lot of attractions near the stone and the wall that it exists within, and traveling all the way to Ireland to pay the Blarney Stone a visit just might end up in disappointment.

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Having been to most corners of the world; Lisa Smith is a seasoned traveller with footsteps under her backpack.  Should you still wish to see the Cawker City or the South Korean borders - you should likely consider your particular coverage options first.  Many insurers would prefer to avoid underwriting you on risky vacation destinations.


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