6 Great Reasons to Use a Serviced Apartment Rather than a Hotel

When staying overnight in a town or city, unless you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member living nearby who has offered you a spare room, it is customary to book a hotel or B&B for the duration of your stay. But although this type of accommodation is perfectly acceptable - and indeed popular - there are some instances whereby serviced apartments may be a far better alternative for those seeking comfort and luxurious surroundings.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

Executive apartments situated in a town or city, are the perfect combination of hotel and self-catering accommodation. Like a hotel, a serviced apartment gives you a bedroom to sleep in plus a bathroom, but unlike a hotel you will also have a living room and kitchen area and therefore a lot more space at your disposal. Serviced apartments are available all over the world and are a popular choice with executive travellers seeking long term lets as well as families looking for a more flexible accommodation solution.

Why Choose an Executive Apartment?


Serviced apartments are much more cost effective if you need accommodation for a longer period of time. Hotels tend to be good value for a quick overnight stay, but when you need to stay in one place for longer, the cost of hotel accommodation can soon add up, especially if you are paying for meals out every day.


A serviced apartment is much more spacious than a hotel. Hotels and B&B’s are great if you need somewhere to stay for a few days, but once you have been living in one room for more than a week, it usually starts to feel cramped and restrictive, especially if there are adults and children sharing the same room.


Hotels can be noisy, especially if the hotel you choose is located in a city centre and caters for hen parties and stag dos. Being woken up at all hours of the night will soon begin to grate on your nerves if you are trying to cope with clients and meetings during the day, so the peace and quiet of an executive apartment in Northampton will help to keep your stress levels down.


Eating out every night is fun for a while, but nothing beats a home cooked meal eaten in front of the television when you fancy a quiet night in. Sadly hotel life does not cater for those who like to prepare their own meals, so unless you want smuggle in takeaway food or order from room service, you will be forced to eat out when staying in a hotel. This is where executive apartments come into their element as you will have a full kitchen at your disposal and can therefore cook your own meals for as long as you stay there. This arrangement is much better; especially if you have any special dietary requirements.


Travelling with kids is difficult at the best of times and staying in hotels can be very stressful when the children are small. Thankfully executive apartments are an excellent alternative to hotel life if you have small children. Instead of spending every night going to bed ridiculously early in order to persuade your children to go to sleep, you can let them sleep in their own bedroom and enjoy some peaceful adult-only time in front of the television.

Between Houses

Moving home and the new house isn’t ready? No problem - an executive apartment is the perfect answer to your long-term accommodation needs. Rather than spending a fortune staying in a hotel while the builders work on your new home, you can enjoy a few home comforts living in a serviced apartment instead.

Steven uses serviced apartments a lot as he is often required to travel as part of his job, so when looking for executive apartments Northampton was the perfect place for him to get the long-term accommodation that he required for his family.


Safety of serviced apartments?

I am in favor of serviced apartments as it gives a home feeling and a great deal of privacy. However, as far as security is concerned, I am still wary of serviced apartments unless I know the area really well. I would rather stick to a hotel in that case.

Very nice article though!

I may choose serviced

I may choose serviced apartmant, if I need to stay for over 30 days.

If I need to stay for less than 30 days, I do not mind staying at the hotel.