6 Best Undiscovered Thai Islands for Travel Snobs

Thailand has many spots for spending vacation. In this country there are friendly people, delicious cuisines, diverse culture and many places of interest. Expenditure for this vacation is not much. The beaches are marvelous and the mountains are large and give a beautiful landscape. Coral reefs are a paradise for divers. The people who visit the country have many historical places to visit. There are many ancient caves to be explored. The modern cities also help them to hand around. There are many islands which are undiscovered in Thailand.  Ko Lipe Island In the Andaman Sea, towards the province called Satun, there is an island called Ko Lipe. This island is in the Tarutao national marine park. There is an attractive coral reef for the divers. The beach has white sand. The food is cheap which is served by the friendly locals. The Electricity is cut after midnight. It is better to go in the season when there are not much tourists. Ko Tarutao Island The main island of Tarutao national park is the Ko Tarutao. Here there is the park head quarter. Building of resorts, hotels and bars are completely restricted here. There is a small canteen and a store where local things are sold. The place to stay is very cheap and the visitors will surely enjoy the vacation.    Ko Chang Island An island called Ko Chang is near the Cambodian border. This island is quite large. Many visitors go here to enjoy the holidays. There are coral reefs, white sand beaches, wildlife, mountains, nightlife and waterfalls here. This is the most desired island by the visitors. There are many places which have less people and thus the quietness can be enjoyed.  Phang Nga Island Surin National Park is away from Phang Nga province. Sports lovers have many things to do here. Diving, fishing and hiking are enjoyed here. There is no much development in the island. It is actually inhabited by some families of Sea Gypsies. These islands can only be visited through organized tour groups.  Similan Island Nine granite islands together form the Similan Island. There are best beaches here. The island is recovered to its earlier beauty. The people who visit this island have to follow many rules. Only snacks prepared by the national park have to be used. Pollution is completely avoided here.  Ko Mak Island There is another best undiscovered island called the Ko Mak. This is a place which is not much frequented by people. There are about ten thousand palm trees here. One temple is also located here. The three villages here are inhabited by fishermen community. There is a lot of rubber plantation. Beaches are almost uninhabited. This island gives a lot of relaxing feeling and soothes the mind.  Visit to These Islands Is Mesmerizing There are many other beaches also which can be added to the above list. All the islands are special in their own way. These beaches are almost undiscovered by many people of the world. The people visiting these beaches are lesser compared to the beaches all around the world. The peace in the beach, blue ocean water and pure air are the assets of these beaches. It is worth spending vacation in these tropical islands. 

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