5 Ways To Spend Your Time When Camping And Why It Will Never Be Boring

There's a huge amount of families across the country who love to go camping as much as possible. From the first moment they woke up after their first night in a tent they knew it was love. It's a chance to bring the family together and do exciting things. How many people can say they do this on a regular basis? When your child is playing computer games and your partner is watching TV it's not the same thing. Have you any idea what you would do if you had to spend a whole weekend together in the outdoors on a regular basis?

You obviously get people who don't go camping. It's not because they hate it, or at least that's the case with most people. It's usually because they don't know what they would do. Maybe they think it's a case of setting up the tent and waiting to come home. Camping is so much more than that and today you're about to find out. We're going to look at some great ways you can spend your time once you reach the great outdoors. Once you read all about them and you're still not convinced then maybe camping isn't for you.

Take an instrument

What better way to spend your time than to practice playing a musical instrument. This is also good at night because you can play it when everyone is sitting around the campfire. If you don't play one then it's the perfect time to learn. You can just pick your favorite instrument you would like to learn and give it a go. Because it's so quiet and you have lots of time on your hands it won't take you very long to get good at it.

Shoot balloons and cans

You could take an air rifle with you and shoot things. It's not something you can do in the city, but once you get into the forest anything is game. Just blow up some balloons and attach them to the trees and you can lay some empty cans on a fallen log. Then have competitions to see who the best marksman is. If you don't want to take an air rifle with you then maybe a slingshot would be OK?

Make a treasure map

Go into the woods to hide something special. A toy or some money would be good. Now you can draw out a treasure map and give it to the kids. This is great because it teaches them some navigation skills even though you've drawn the map by hand. It's also really fun and something they will always remember when they grow up. Depending on how skilled you are at drawing a map it could take up a few hours of your time.

French bowls

If you've never played French bowls before you're in for a treat because it's one of the most fun ways to waste time in the world. It's fun for all the family and anyone who can throw a bowl is old enough to play. You have a jack and that gets thrown a short distance right at the start. Now you split into two teams with one bowl each. Everyone takes it in turn to get closest to the jack and the team with the person who gets closest wins. Play as many rounds as you want then declare a winning team.

Make something fun

I'm sure everyone has dreamed about being washed up on a desert island and having to survive by building things. Maybe you don't have the skills to build a proper tree house, but you can try to make other cool things like tables, chairs, outdoor toilets, or anything else you can think of. Hopefully there's a lake there and you can try to build a boat that floats.


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Deborah Harris is a community manager with Techni Ice and says that swags are the only options people can take on camping. Apart from them nothing can give good comfort while camping.