5 Top Tips for Affording that All Important Summer Holiday

The summer has arrived, finally, and for those not planning on going abroad, they may be slowly starting to change their minds.   There has been a lot of talk about holidaying in the UK, but, in reality, it's sometimes not that much cheaper than going abroad and do you really want to risk the weather?

As good intentioned as you were to avoid the draw of the break abroad initially, there is no shame in reconsidering your options.  Although it may be a luxury for many, if you can find a way to afford it, it can be extremely beneficial.

It doesn't need to blow your budgeting to pieces either. Not only can you find extremely cheap deals, but also there are tips and tricks you can use to reduce costs even further and  techniques to increase your budget.


Five Top Tips


By following the five simple tips below, you can soon find yourself en route to your dream summer holiday.


1. Go With Friends


It may not be the right option if you are planning a more romantic break, but, having said that, it can be the perfect option.  You can save stacks of money on accommodation by sharing a villa and, if you have children, you can share babysitting duties to give you some free time.  You may also be able to save on bulk tickets to events and can split additional costs, such as airport transfers, too.


2. Go Self Catering


Eating out every night is expensive anywhere and it is really not necessary.  By going self catering, especially if you are a large group, you can take it in turns to cook special meals.  And, of course, it is a lot cheaper to drink at home too - and homemade cocktails can be a treat.


3. Phone Around


With the internet being such a convenient tool, it is easy, these days, to rely on it 100%.  It is, however, still incredibly worth your while to phone around different agencies and haggle for your perfect package.  Again, if you are a large group, they will definitely consider bulk discounts.


4. Keep an Eye on Exchange Rates


One sure way to save some money on your holiday is to keep on top of current exchange rates and search for a destination where your pound will go further.  Although this may seem like a lot of hard work, it is easy to do online and can save you a substantial amount of money.  These days you can even have updates sent to your phone to limit the amount of effort you actually have to make.  Timing your currency exchange can also be crucial in saving some extra pennies.


5. Sell Unwanted Items


Before heading off on holiday, it is always worth earning some extra pennies by selling unwanted items.  This could be anything, from clothes to computer games, jigsaws to jewellery.  Indeed, if you sell old gold jewelleryyou can make a tidy profit and this will not only help to finance your holiday, but also help you to clear out unwanted junk from your house.


Author Bio:

The author is addicted to travel and always manages to find a way to spend some time abroad.  His best tactic is taking his work with him, but working online.  In this way he is also able to stretch out his stays.  He writes for a number of publication, online and in print, from whichever part of the world he happens to be in.


Feauted images courtesy of Flickr: Haikeu