5 Tips To Handle A Financial Crisis Abroad

Managing finance aboard needs lots of planning. Especially, when you visit for the first time and need to stay for any unavoidable reason. Due to the fluctuations happening in the market very often, it is sometimes hard to handle financial crisis. Here are the 5 best tips to handle a financial crisis abroad:- Pawn your valuables: - Pawn brokers take a variety of valuables such as ornaments, wristwatches, laptops etc. The only thing is that your item should have some value. Once you deposit your personal item, he would lend you money for usually 30 days. If you have valuables like gold, silver, platinum, diamonds or even exclusively branded items, you can pawn them for obtaining some money, which may help you to cope with the financial disturbance. Credit Cards: - Credit card might be appropriate for cash advances, huge buying or for any emergencies. You would be provided with an international PIN to withdraw money from ATMs. Some of the cards don’t provide access for local shops and bistros, but provides access to the offices located in every main city. You are charged fees for converting currency, when used with a credit card. Banking Overseas: - Banking overseas through ATM Card would be a best way, which is used by many people abroad. Before using the facility, confirm with the banker whether their bank is linked with any of banks abroad, as they may not charge you any ATM fees or may reduce the fees. According to SU abroad, it is always better to use either debit or ATM cards to access funds rather than using traveller’s cheques. Sending money abroad online: - If you need money very urgently, you can ask your family or friends to send you money electronically, rather than sending through air mail. By using online international money transfer methods, they can send you funds within a short time, say around 10mintues. The process is very simple: Signing in, clicking on send money, selecting the location, the recipient’s name and selecting the currency. This is the easiest and safest method to send money. Emergency loans with DSS: - These loans are provided by the UK’s Department of Social Security to those who are in terrible need. It is at the entire discretion of the department. For these loans, you need not provide any of income documents or that of your house. They don’t cover any health issues that need medical care and those that must be met by National Health Services. Never forget to take PPI along with the loan, as it may take care of your loan payments in case of difficulties like disability, and contact the bank for further details about PPI claims. and for further clarifications. Fill up the application from the nearest Job centre plus office or even apply the same over phone. After providing the information you may get the loan or in some cases you might require to provide any self-proof like details of any bank transactions or by using other resources available. Wait until you receive a letter from the department stating the amount allotted to you associated with the rate of interest (typically 5 or 10% of your weekly income). In case you do not receive any intimation; you have to review it again. Once you receive the cheque it can be credited to your account or can be cashed at the nearest post office. Author Bio: Written by Maria, a passionate writer and blogger.

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I must admit, I take a lot of cruises to different destinations, and the one worry that I always have is carrying money on my person in the different ports - but I refuse to pay charges that are too high on my card and things. As long as you keep cash on your person not a loose-hanging bag I don't think it would really cause a problem. This is some good advice though and I'm sure will help a lot of people!!