5 Things You Must Do On Your Next Trip to San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Photo credit: Flickr user Jeff Gunn

Did you know that the city of San Francisco, California is among the top 50 tourist destinations in the world? With its unique transportation system, rich cultural experiences, iconic landmarks, and temperate climate, San Francisco is the perfect place to spend your vacation. And there’s certainly no shortage of things to do! Visitors could spend several days exploring and never get bored. Here are five things you absolutely must do on your next visit to San Francisco.

Take a Tour

There are several options available for visitors interested in tours around San Francisco. More adventurous travelers can go on a helicopter ride to get an aerial view while they learn about the city’s history. For those that prefer to stay on the ground, there are trolley and Segway tours available. Whatever your preference, the city is so rich in culture and history that taking a tour is an absolute must.

Visit the Golden Gate Bridge

We’ve all seen photos of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, but there’s nothing quite like seeing it in person. The 746-foot high bridge is over 75 years old. Visitors can walk or bike across it and take photographs along the way. In 2012, Bridge Plaza was opened in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate. Those interested in learning about the bridge’s rich history can make their way to the Plaza and view photos, documents, and artifacts from a bygone era.

Board a Boat to Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is home to numerous unique features, including one of the first lighthouses on the Pacific coast and early military structures from the Civil War. Arguably the most famous landmark on the island is the abandoned prison that housed some of the most notorious criminals of our time. Also known as “The Rock,” the prison was in operation from 1933-1963. Today, visitors to the city can take a ferry to Alcatraz Island to tour the prison and explore the area. It’s a unique, not to be missed experience.

Check Out the View From Coit Tower

If you’re interested in getting a unique perspective, you should head over to Coit Tower in Telegraph Hill. The 210-foot structure gives visitors a panoramic view of the city, complete with skyline vistas and glimpses of San Francisco Bay. If you want to get your daily exercise, you can choose to climb to the top of Coit Tower to take in the sights. They also have an elevator for those who would prefer a more leisurely climb!

Go Hiking at Land’s End

Land’s End lookout is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city of San Francisco. And with good reason! The park, which is quite close to the Golden Gate Bridge, provides visitors with some of the most beautiful views in the Bay Area. Set along the shores of the Golden Gate strait, the rocky coastline is a natural marvel for viewers. And if you visit at low tide, you can catch a unique glimpse of some historic shipwrecks.

San Francisco is a city that truly has something for everyone. Whether you are an adventurous traveler, or prefer a more relaxing vacation, you'll find something here to meet your needs and pique your interest. Start planning your trip today!