5 Steps To Take To Avoid Being Pickpocketed During Your Travel

If you are going on holiday soon, your mind is probably full of thoughts of having fun in an exotic and interesting setting rather than considering various ways that you can keep your belongings safe while spending time in unfamiliar surroundings. Pickpockets and other criminals frequently target those who are on holiday because they are easy marks. Before you embark on your next holiday, take some time and read the five suggestions below so that you may avoid the unpleasantness of becoming the victim of a skilled petty thief.

Simply Stay Alert

Those on holiday are frequently easy to spot by potential pickpockets because they appear to be wandering about in a daze. Walking with purpose and remaining aware of your surroundings will prevent you from becoming an easy target. However, be aware of this oft-used ruse employed by pickpockets: He or she will be walking towards you and will make eye contact with you and hold it, distracting you enough so that your pocket is easily picked.

Leave Your Purse In Your Hotel Room

Those who carry a purse are much more likely to fall victim to pickpockets than those who don't. Leaving your purse in the hotel safe and using a pack with a strap that goes over your body is a better option. If you must take your purse to a cafe, hook the strap through a chair leg rather than hanging it on the back of a chair.

Keep Your Identification and Money in Different Places

Most petty thieves are after your cash, but it's good practice to store your cash and identification in different places. Besides the risk of identity theft, being without identification while traveling can be frustrating.

Do Not Put Your Wallet in Your Back Pocket

Although this should go without saying, a surprising amount of people still carry their wallet in the back pocket of their pants. Even when you aren't on holiday, this practice is almost a guarantee of theft. If you have nowhere else to put your wallet, you are better off buying a pair of pants with a front pocket. Pickpockets are much less likely to target that particular area.

Be Careful of What Your Carry in Your Backpack

If you are using a backpack while you travel, you should find another way to carry your money, credit cards and identification. Thieves can easily open your backpack as you are walking along without you even noticing them. In fact, pickpockets target those carrying backpacks more often than most others.

Because even common thieves are using sophisticated techniques these days, becoming the victim of a pickpocket can't always be avoided. Before you leave on holiday, you should email yourself a copy of all of your card numbers along with their international toll-free assistance number in the event that they become stolen.

Written by Natalie Brooke

Natalie has travelled extensively in the past twelve months to over 30 countries. She uses cash passport cards from Travel Money Oz every time she travels to keep her travel money safe. She prides herself as a thrifty traveller and loves sharing her thrifty practice with her readers.


Credit cards are not safe

After we returned back home from a 15-day tour to the Thailand, Malaysia, etc., we got a call from our banker stating that a new credit card has been sent to our address and the present card won't work and were asked to meet the officer, we were told that my card was skimmed and a transactino took place in bangkok

yes, we got to be careful

Travel around the world is always filled with fun, though can go messy if we are careless. While out in the new land, we got keep all our senses open to enjoy the trip.

It happened to me once

I remember in Canada 2 years ago when I went on a holiday visits to my cousins, I was robbed in broad day light. Very funny. But you know what, since then, I'm X 10 stronger and alert for such incidences. All my Cards, are always laying quietly in my inner pockets...laugh at me, I don't care because I know what gravity of cards I carry.
Nice post admin, keep it up.