5 Essentials for a Desert Safari

Dubai is famous for manmade architectural wonders. The Palm Island and 7 Star Hotel are the newest jewels in Dubai’s crown. My friend told me that you have visited nearly all the architectural monuments whether they are preserved in Bastakiya or newly constructed. Till you have not experienced desert safari, your tour is incomplete. This is an awesome experience, the tour operators will take you in desert on 4x4 drives and you can also choose to go on camel.

The most sought after time for desert safari is evening, you will leave city around 4 pm and return back in night. You will go dune bashing and see camel farms. Take the remarkable photographs of the sunset in this stunning desert. Sun, sky and sand will make a perfect color combination. After sunset tour organizers arrange the Barbecue. Everyone in the desert camp can enjoy the local cuisines, followed by smoking the Shisha, while you enjoy the belly dancing. People are flocking to Dubai from every part of the world as this place has the power to attract wide variety of tourists. 

Tour organizers are offering comprehensive packages, which comprises of Barbeque Dinner, Desert Safari, Overnight Desert Safari, Dubai Island Tour, Dinner Cruise Dubai, and sightseeing tour

Remember five things:

Professional Tour Company: before going for a desert tour, remember to hire the company, which has adequate experience and has considerable amount of satisfied clients. They provide you pick and drop facility from your place of stay.

Camera: if you believe that barren land of desert cannot be beautiful. This trip can change you perception. Before moving for such destination, don’t forget to bring your camera with extra batteries and make sure they are fully charged. Take pictures for your loved ones who have not accompanied you in this tour. Pictures taken here will let you share your wonderful experience with your loved ones back home.  

Have Something to Drink: even if the trip will last for a couple of hours, don’t forget to remember water and other beverages with you. People who are from the cold countries can’t bear high temperature for long duration.

Choose a Desert Safari in the evening: safari in evening will let you experience something different. You will be a witness of the beautiful time when sun sets and make its viewers spellbound. You can opt for a camel trip and in the daytime play the games in sand. On an average you have to spend around US $60 for this full trip.

Don’t Dare to Go Alone: as a rule nobody is allowed to go out single in the desert, it can be dangerous. If you are on a camel and camel get lost or injured then what you will do? You will become direction less in the desert; in case you have moved on a vehicle and it faced a problem then you will not have any convenience to come back. So in order to avoid miss-happening, all the people going for a safari assemble at one point and move together.


Authors’ Bio: you are not allowed to move alone in the desert for security reasons. Tour operators make a fleet and move together, they cook dance and enjoy together. Tour operators provide the complete Dubai tour, which consist of a desert safari, Dinner Cruise Dubai, Barbecue, city tour, parks, beaches and museum.