5 Essential Pre-Holiday Checks

Going on holiday is meant to be an exciting time in your life, jetting off to somewhere hot, somewhere historic, somewhere new in search of a tan, an education or just some peace and quiet away from the stresses of home and work life. Unfortunately, however, there are plenty of factors that need to be taken into consideration before you can even board the plane, let alone put your sunglasses and flip flops on.


If it were as simple as book it, pack your bags, board the plane and jet off to the sun then we would all be doing it but it’s the sheer hassle that affects our decision to go on holiday and many choose to stay home or take a trip to the seaside or one of the beautiful cities in their own country.


To help make your holiday planning go much more smoothly, it makes a great deal of sense to get on top of all of the essential applications and bookings so that the only stress you do have to deal with is making sure you turn up for your flight on time!


Here are five essential checks and bookings that you should make so you can get in the holiday mood early:



You can’t travel without a passport, so make sure you don’t just have one – but that yours is in date! Every passport has an expiry date on it meaning you will have to renew it before you can travel. This can take some time to organize so check the dates in your passport – and those travelling with you – as soon as you can to make sure you can all travel. You can start to apply for your updated passport as much as nine months before your current one expires, so if you know you’re likely to travel it makes sense to get it done sooner rather than later.



A lot of travellers pick up illnesses while on holiday that can make their dream trip turn into a nightmare. You only have to eat or drink something your body can’t tolerate or be bitten by an insect and you could be spending your fortnight in your hotel room bed rather than on a sun lounger on a white sandy beach as the clear blue waters lap the shore onto your toes. Some countries actually require you have to have a certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis before allowing you into the country so make sure yours are up to date! Some countries don’t require you to get your ‘jabs’ done, but it can’t hurt to be safe.


Pet Care

A lot of travellers are skeptical of going away because of having to find someone to look after their pets. Whether it’s getting someone round to feed the tropical fish, walk the dog twice a day or make sure the snake hasn’t wriggled free, it’s a big issue for animal lovers. Many hate putting their animals into “kennels” or “catteries” or similar because of how they might get treated, choosing to get friends to look after them instead. Whichever option you choose, make sure you leave them a list of things your animals can and can’t eat or do, so they can treat them how you would yourself and you can go away without worrying, (too much!)


Airport Parking

Parking at the airport is another big issue for holidaymakers. Nobody likes leaving their car somewhere new or in the care of strangers, and there’s always that nightmare moment when you fly home about where you parked the car! Early morning flights are another big issue, trying to get the family awake and moving early enough to make check in and get in the holiday mood can be difficult. Staying over the night before becomes an attractive option, and the majority of major airports offer accommodation and parking nearby. In the UK, Manchester airport hotels offer car parking spaces, a bed for the night and even transport to the terminal to help make the day you go away much simpler for everyone. 



When you’ve saved up hundreds, even thousands, over the course of the last year – maybe longer – the last thing you want is to lose everything or have your dream holiday turn into a nightmare because you didn’t get travel insurance. This cover is seen by many as an extra expense they could do without, but when it covers factors such as your health, luggage, transport and many other factors it makes great sense to have the thought in your head that you’re covered if anything goes wrong.