The 5 Best Kids Activities In London

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world absolutely jam-packed with attractions and activities; enabling everyone to spend absolute hours enthralled at the many venues that cry out to be visited first. Holidaying with children can change the way we travel and can reduce to a fairly small criteria the list of suitable and desirable places to visit. The following are all highly popular and well-worth a visit for people and children of all ages.

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Deep in the shopping district of Oxford Street may seem to be a counter-intuitive place to take a child, but Hamleys is a shop like no other. Sporting the tagline ‘the biggest toyshop in the world’ the original Hamleys store, in London, certainly seems to live up to the promise featuring eight levels: basement to Floor 6. Each level is dedicated to a different genre of toys, from an entirely pink floor for small girls to the basement where the dedicated gamers gravitate to the cuddly toy saturated ground floor. Entry is obviously free, as it is a shop, but encourage everyone in the party to save some money to spend at Hamleys – children of all ages will love whiling away a pleasant morning or afternoon in this treasure den of childhood! Best access is by the London Underground; either Piccadilly Circus or Oxford tube stations will bring you quickly to the doors.

London Dungeon

The London Dungeon has always had a knack for exhibiting the creepy darker side of London, from villains and pestilence to killer smog and ferocious weapons, the dungeons displayed the seedier side of London perfectly. Currently undergoing a thorough renovation and renewal the London Dungeon will reopen in March of 2013; the new format offering 14 different displays over the 90 minute tour which covers the ghoulishly evil side of London over the last 1000 years, combining live actors and cutting-edge technology to create a wonderfully spectral effect. Younger children may find the displays too scary or disturbing, but 7 year olds and up will love the thrill. Prices start at £16.00 for adults and £10.00 for children with discounts for booking online and group bookings. The Dungeon can be found on Toomey Street adjacent to the river and is most easily reached via Tube, exiting at the London Bridge station.

Science Museum

For many year the Science Museum has run interactive displays to cleverly demonstrate principles and foster learning through play and this has culminated in; amongst the other smaller exhibits, the Launchpad learning zone which consists of over 50 individual interactive displays where children can perform actions to see the consequences, a brilliant way of demonstrating the principles of water power, magnetism, radio and sound waves, the effects of light passing through matter and many more too numerous to describe. Entrance to the museum is free, although donation boxes proliferate on every floor. The Science Museum is in Kensington, best reached from South Kensington tube station which has links leading right to the doors of the three museums that stand shoulder by jowl here; the Natural History Museum, the V & A and the Science Museum. Launchpad is aimed specifically at children ages 8 to 14, but children of all ages are welcomed and everyone can find something fascinating to play with, touch or build. Elsewhere in the museum can be found other interactive displays, some aimed at even younger children, others aimed at those a bit older and even for adults. Be sure to leave plenty of time for the children to spend at Launchpad – no matter how early you are, the children will demand more time to play!

Madame Tussauds

The premier waxworks display in the world, tourists flock from all over the world to see the life-like replicas of the great, good and currently celebrated personalities. The waxworks are worth seeing at least once, and that preferably while still young enough to marvel over the displays, rather than find them somewhat creepy as we tend to do once adult! The visit is not the cheapest available either, costing £30.00 for adults and £25.80 for children at the door; or somewhat cheaper online at £22.50 for adults and £19.35 for children, with further discounts available for combining tickets with entry to other UK attractions, booking in advance online, and even sometimes for late booking. Madame Tussauds is a mere 2 minute walk from the Baker Street tube station.

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London Zoo

London Zoo, sited inside beautiful, tranquil Regents Park is worth a visit, even if you do not have the children with you, but their fascination and joy with seeing the animals certainly enhances the visit. The Zoo is home to 720 different species of animal and is constantly updating and upgrading exhibits and displays. The desired end result is to create the impression of bar-free enclosures to allow the visitors and animals to see each other clearly, without barriers, without compromising the safety of either. More recent attractions include Giants of the Galapagos, Butterfly Paradise, the Gorilla Kingdom and that perennial favourite Penguin Beach. Adult tickets start at around £20.00 and children at £15.50, with good discounts available for advance booking online, in groups and in combination with other attractions. Like Madame Tussauds the Zoo is accessible from Baker Street station, and also from Regents Park and Camden Town.

Each of the above attraction is visited by literally millions of people each year and repays the interest by providing excellent entertainment, a unique experience and the satisfied feeling of having thoroughly ‘done’ London.


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Science Museum

On seeing this post, I wonder what the best 5 will be. But on opening it, I asked myself, am I still a kid? Lol. Science Museum is one spot I have always visited. Since I came to live in the UK, London has been my home and I can boldly tell you that taking a day out to visit this Science Museum will definitely make your day. Its worth visiting. Many memories running through my head as I type this. Good work admin!!