5 Awesome Reasons to Visit Texas

If you are looking for a place to vacation where you can indulge in relaxation and retreat, have a wild night at the bar, eat delicious food, hear live music, and top the whole vacation off with a trip to the beach, then look no further--Texas is the state for you. Read on for a list of five reasons why Texas is the perfect getaway for a family trip or a romantic rendezvous, and why you should make it your next vacation destination.

The Entertainment Venues

Home to Austin City Limits, Summerfest, and SXSW, Texas is a hard place to beat when it comes to music festivals. In addition to the most popular festivals listed above, dozens of local music festivals occur throughout the year around the state, attracting tourists from around the globe. When a festival isn't happening, you'll be hard pressed to find a city that's not offering live music at their venue, especially on the weekends. You might even buy tickets to the Dallas House of Blues, a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. With everything from jazz to country and rock, Texas has music down to a science. For a true Texan experience, visit Billy's Bob's Texas, located in Fortworth. The club has been named country music's club of the year eleven times. With food, drinks, live music, and bull riding, it might just be your most favorite thing about Texas.

With music comes dance, and country western bars in Texas are prevalent. Line dancing is the preferred method of movement in this southern state. Throw on your cowboy boots, grab your partner, and do-si-do!

The Beach

When most people think of Texas, they think of barbeque and cowboy hats rather than sea turtles and sand. But, the Padre Island National Seashore--home of the world's largest stretch of undeveloped barrier island--has just that: sea turtles and sand galore! With five different species of sea turtles calling the shore home, this beach is one of the most beautiful and untouched pieces of earth. Campgrounds are offered for overnight stays; grab a snorkel mask and catch a peek of a turtle; or you can simply bring your beach towel and soak in some rays.

The Cowboys

We're not talking about the rodeo kind (although Texas rodeos are famed for fun!). Texas is home to two giant stadiums that are loved by football fans everywhere. In Arlington, you'll find the home of the Dallas Cowboys, and the third largest stadium in the United States. Travel to Austin, and you'll be able to see the Texas Longhorns battle in out on their home turf at the Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

The Alamo

If you're a history buff, the Alamo is a must-see while visiting Texas. A crucial battle point during the Texas Revolution, also known as the Texas War of Independence, the Alamo served as the key to the defense of Texas. The Alamo is located in San Antonio and is open Monday-Sunday. You can sign up for a tour in advance or schedule one when you get there. Another plus: admission is free.

Big Cities

If the four points above don't tickle your fancy, then don't worry; Texas is still the place for just about anyone. Home to many large cities (such as Austin, San Antonio, Fortworth, and Dallas), Texas offers a diverse range of activities, dining options, nightlife, and daytime entertainment. Do the river walk in San Antonio, shop and dine in the Sundance square in Fort Worth, visit the Dallas arts district, or check out one of more than 30 vineyards in Austin. Whatever revs you, be it history, art, exercise, food, beverage, relaxation, or exploration, you'll find it somewhere in the Lone Star State.

This article was written by travel blogger Oscar Howard.  Oscar loves to see the sites of Texas as he has family who consider Fort Worth home.  If you are looking to plant roots in Texas, check out Southern Oaks.