5 Amazing Desert Locations in Africa - Why the Desert Can be Cool!

The world's second largest continent, Africa is a place of unbelievable beauty. A location known as the host of the animal kingdom, its grassy meadows and wild jungles aren't the only place where animals can be spotted; Africa also boasts some of the most incredible Deserts, full of exciting wildlife and vibrant vegetation. Here are 5 amazing Desert locations this wonderful continent has to offer. 

Sahara Desert

Covering a large area of Northern Africa, the Sahara Desert is one of the largest in the world. Known as the 'Greatest Desert', the Sahara is a sight to be marvelled at. With millions of people living in the Sahara region, which covers areas such as Egypt and Algeria, the Desert is home to many people as well as a variety of animals ranging from Desert hedgehogs to hyenas. From being occupied by the ancient Greeks to the Berber people, the Sahara has an intriguing history and carries the heart of African culture. However claiming the place as one of the hottest Deserts to live in, the Sahara Desert may be a cool place to visit but the climate is far from it!

One of the many striking views the Sahara Desert boasts.

Libyan Desert

A place of enchanting beauty, the Libyan Desert is perhaps one of the most incredible Deserts located within the Sahara. Mostly sand, the Libyan Desert offers endless stunning landscapes, vibrant in colour and extreme in beauty. With mountains and sand seas also dotted around this location, this Desert provides an array of stunning, bold colours and striking scenery. A dreamy destination, the enormity of this Desert will humble visitors, causing them to marvel in sheer wonder. 

The Blue Desert

Located in the Sinai Desert in Egypt, this location is full of mind-blowing beauty. A Desert famous for its painted blue rocks, the Blue Desert contains striking individuality which is certainly worth seeing. Painted blue in 1980 by the wonderful artist Jean Vera Me, the blue rocks symbolise peace between Egypt and its close neighbour Israel. A spectacular piece of artwork, visitors will be dazzled by this unique and intriguing location. 

Namib Desert

Reaching 50,000 kilometres it is no surprise the Namib Desert means 'Vast Place'. Situated in Southern Africa, the Desert is the largest in the world and most definitely one of the greatest. Despite the lack of water available in this Desert, this location remains home to some of the planet's smallest but toughest insects, animals and plants. A beautiful ancient Desert, the Namib Desert is a stunning sight to lay eyes on, but due to its inhospitable qualities visitors won't want to stay here forever, so will have to take as many pictures as possible when they get the chance.

The beautiful Namib Desert.

Nubian Desert

Close to the town of Abidya, visitors wanting to explore this sun-kissed, sandy Desert will be able to find accommodation close by. An area inhabited by the Nubian people, visitors will experience the heart of the fascinating Nubian culture and see their traditions and customs up close and personal. Known for being incredible horseback riders and having unbelievable skill with a bow and arrow, this Desert and its people are guaranteed to captivate visitors. 


These five Desert locations are some of the best Africa has to offer. From the famous Sahara to the unique and enchanting Blue Desert, the continent's Deserts are full of splendour and delight. Those thinking of visiting Africa should be sure not to miss out on its dreamy sand lands. 

By Maria Hubbard.


Image Credits: Wikipedia and Wikipedia