4 Ways to Make Your Car Trip Memorable

Taking a car trip is a surefire way to create memories. Whether you're alone, with that special someone, your college buddies or with family, being trapped in a box hurtling down the road for hours on end is certainly going to create some kind of memories—it's just up to you to make sure they aren't bad ones. And unfortunately, it's much easier to have a bad car trip than a good one, and that's something you don't want to remember. Personalities clash, babies cry, tensions flare and the boredom of the open road can take it's toll. Luckily, we have four great ways for you and your family and friends to create good memories during your car trip.

  • Four Stellar Ways to Make Your Road Trip Infinitely Better

And while some of these may seem like they will lengthen your road trip, it's important to remember that it's not about the length of the journey, it's about the quality. Remember that and try to make the car trip part of the adventure, not just the time you spend in a car before arriving at your destination!

  • Hit the Attractions—All of Them!

While it may seem like it makes your trip longer, going out of your way to visit some neat roadside attractions and points of interest will actually break up the monotony of your road trip. Of course you'll want to visit the main tourist attractions along the way, possibly spending an afternoon at a museum or amusement park, but be sure to check out the oddities that are around the country as well. Even if it sounds wacky—like a giant potato or the world's smallest tree—stop by to give it a peak. Of course, use good judgment with how far out of the way you'll go for each attraction, but sometimes the seemingly most mundane event can provide the best memories simply by the absurdity of the moment and the company you enjoy it with.

  • Bring Board Games and Other Entertainment.

Yes, yes, we know this is the age of laptops, iPods, smartphones and DVD players in the car, but sometimes it's just good to unplug and spend some good old fashioned “quality time” together. Sing some songs, play some board games, play “I Spy” and “The License Plate Game.” Travel checkers and Scrabble are great time wasters and Trivial Pursuit is always a hoot. The key here is anything that can get some tension out of the air with friendly competition, brain interaction and bonding will not only help you pass the time, but create some great memories in the process. When you're cooped up in a car together, funny things seem that much funnier—all you need is the interaction to make it happen.

  • Make a Movie.

With most phones and mobile devices able to shoot high-def video nowadays, it shouldn't be hard to create your own masterpiece. Of course, it's even better if you have a camera, but not completely necessary. What kind of movie you make is up to you, but the more fun and creative you get with it, the more memorable the experience will be. You can stick to the standard home movie, but why not spice it up a bit? How about making a horror movie about a family or group of friends on a road trip—starring you! Or a comedy, action, romance, etc. Use the places you visit as a backdrop. Write scenes on the spot and come up with wacky sketches. Edit on a laptop in the car while driving or during downtime in the hotel and relive your car trip while you're still on it!

  • Splurge on Hotels.

Finally, one of the best feelings on a car trip is getting off the road, out of the car and into the hotel. But why not make it even better? For a night or two, splurge on a hotel and get the room with the hot tub. Or go to the nicer hotel with the jacuzzi and swimming pool. There are tons of amenities in nice hotels that can make it seem like you're sleeping in heaven for a night. Plus, a good night's sleep is essential for long car trips since it helps the driver stay alert and focused at the wheel. Continental breakfasts are always a great way to start your morning or for that romantic couple, how about the honeymoon suite? You can even combine this one with making the movie...

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