20 of the world’s most mind-blowing road trips

There is nothing nice in the world like using a motorbike or car to hit an open road that is filled with adventure. If you have been thinking of such kinds of adventures, then here are the 20 world’s most mind-blowing road trips;

1.Trans-Sahara HighwayThis 4500km trip starts in Algeria, before moving to Niger and finally ending in Nigeria. This journey will definitely give you a lifetime experience in driving. You will never forget the scary sceneries and challenges that you will face on your way. You will experience what we call a 4WD adventure!


2. Leh-Manali Highway in Northern India

This remarkable highway connects the Leh in Ladakh located in Kashmir and Jammu States to Manali located at Himachal Pradesh state. You will definitely enjoy the amazing snow-capped mountains at the nervy passes. This journey will give a remarkable experience in India. 


3. North Yungas Road in Bolivia

This trip will scare any car hire company due to the frightening road. The road is also called “DEATH ROAD” is one of the world’s most frightening journeys. It is estimated that about 200 people over the past years have died on the 69 km route every time they try to drive through. It is even more dangerous when it rains. 


4. Guoliang Road, China

This road is situated in the TaihangMountains (HunanChinaProvince. The local villagers built the road but sadly, several of villagers perished during its construction. This road contains a 1,300M long tunnel approximately 5M high and 4M wide. The road has indeed been an amazing tourist attraction.


 5. Seward Highway, Alaska

This deserted highway provides another spot for tourist especially from the ocean fjords, waterfalls, glaciers and lakes. This road will not only make you have an amazing journey but also leave amazing trip memories on your mind.


6. Greater Blue Mountains in Australia

This is the scariest journey in the entire Australia especially on the Mountain Drive. Through colors, you will enjoy your drive.  


7.Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China This is Sichuan-Tibet Highway links Chengdu and Tibet provinces where rock avalanches and landslides often common. This is undoubtedly amongst the most dangerous roads in the world. 


8.Jura Mountains, Europe

The German, French, and Swiss mountains are known for hikers but occasionally for drivers. The Jura Mountains often keep Rhone and Rhine apart, especially when driving through them. You will definitely be astonished at magnificent views at the same time having a feeling of freedom.


9. Istanbul to the New Delhi

The road is one of the roads that the ancient people used to travel from India when coming to Europe. This Silk Road has amazing features that will definitely make you have unforgettable sceneries. 


10. Karakoram Highway

This little (popular, 1200km) trip via Pakistan to China is unbelievable; it boasts several remarkable roads at the high altitude. This scenery is unbelievable, but these roads are a huge challenge when driving.


11. The Western Alps in Europe

This journey begins in Zurich, before moving to Germany’s popular Black Forest and the France’s exquisite Savoir. This trip will give you an amazing view of the mountainous sceneries. Never forget that the trip will also give amazing driving skills especially from the challenging routes.


12. Christchurch to Auckland in New Zealand

This is long short journey ideally perfect for motorcycle. This is something that everybody would like to try when in New Zealand. You will have an opportunity to view the glaciers that will give unforgettable memories.


13. Southern Norway

This 120km drive will make you appreciate the beauty of the Norway landscape. By going to the south you can avoid the cold weather in north – best initiating place is Kristians.


14. The Trans-Siberian Highway

This trip across the Trans-Siberian Highway is one of kind to remember. It is also amongst the longest national highways currently in the world. 


15. Rome to Istanbul

This is a mountainous journey that will amaze you at the same time have fun. This journey will also help you in meeting the Nature and Heritage of Rome and Istanbul both.


16. Côte d’Azur, France

You will definitely explore the beauty of nature when making a trip through this route. This route comprises of various beautiful places of France.


17. Chile and Argentina

The journey is a long and challenging route from Chile to Argentina that will make you to regret.


18. Pacific Coast Highway in USA

This is a stretch of the coastline between the San Francisco and the Big Sur. This 123-mile route via the central California will make you have unforgettable moments.


19. Garden Route in South Africa

If you want to see the beautiful forests, mountains, wineries, and arty communities, then you should take this remarkable route.


20. Sao Paolo to Rio de Janeiro

You will start this special trip at Sao Paolo before going to Rio de Janeiro through the mountains of Serra Da Mantiqueira. 

In conclusion, the above 20 world’s most mind-blowing road trips will definitely make you have unforgettable moments at the same time improving your driving skills. 

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