Walking the Capital

London is one of the finest cities in the world in which to take a stroll. Packed with historic architecture and with fascinating curiosities around every corner the city can only be fully appreciated on foot. Whilst it is entirely possible to explore many of the sights and interesting districts of London without the services of a guide, you will benefit greatly from taking some of the organised walks on offer. Many of the tours are guided by actors and experts in their field who have interesting tales to tell and can add flavour and great humour to your experience.


London Walks

The best walking tours in the city are conducted by London Walks who offer strolls around every corner of the capital with themes as diverse as Harry Potter and British legal system. The guides are all superb raconteurs with a fabulous knowledge of the city and some even don period costumes for the walks. Your trip will generally last about two hours and will start outside one of the tube stations where you will meet up with your guide and pay the fee for the tour. The charges are very reasonable, there are discounts for multiple walks and there is no need to book in advance. Just turn up at the appointed time, find your guide who will be waving a London Walks leaflet and you are all set!

The Walks

The most popular walk on the schedule is “Jack the Ripper Haunts” which tours the murder sites of the infamous Jack the Ripper including Mitre Square and takes you on an interesting exploration of the East End’s seedier locations.  Loaded with interesting facts about the Ripper and Victorian history, this trip is best done in the darkness of winter and is guided on some evenings by the celebrated Ripper expert Donald Rumbelow.

Fans of the Harry Potter movies will love the filming locations tour which transports you to the entrance of Gringotts bank and the venue used as the Leaky Cauldron. You will also learn a lot about the financial district of London and see the Bank of England. This is a very interesting tour guided by a fabulously entertaining actor.

London Walks operates several trips with ghostly themes taking visitors around the haunted locations and backstreets of both the City and the West End. Spend an evening being regaled with ghoulish stories of past events and lurk around the ancient graveyards of the capital. You may even find yourself standing on the site of a burial ground from the Great Plague! Dark winter evenings are the best times to go ghost hunting.

There are literally dozens of fantastic walks to choose from covering historical, musical, literary and architectural themes. You can tour some of London’s best pubs, learn more about the Royal Family, discover hidden alleyways or walk in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes.  There is something for everyone to enjoy and each trip will inspire you to learn more about this amazing city.

The Capital


London is an enormous place with much to explore. The top tourist attractions are flung far and wide and so many visitors spend their days hopping between the famous sights on the underground system missing much of what the capital has to offer. Take some time out to see London on foot with an expert guide in order to really get an understanding of the historic events and significant people who have made the city what it is today.