Fun and Freaks at Thorpe Park

If you are looking for something a bit different to do on a visit to London in the Fall then make your way to Thorpe Park, a theme park to the west of the capital close to Heathrow Airport. During October the park transforms itself into a sinister penitentiary where homicidal maniacs and the clinically insane lie in wait to scare the wits out of the brave guests who take on the challenge of the park during Fright Nights.


The Horror Mazes


On Fright Nights 5 horror mazes supplement Thorpe’s usual attractions and brave guests can subject themselves to series of terrifying experiences. Take on the maniacs at the Asylum as they chase you through a series of dark corridors with noisy chainsaws or find yourself being tried for murder and sentenced to a grizzly death at the Passing. Experiment 10 will see you become the subject of a nasty scientific experiment in which you face your darkest fears and if that is too much you just might be able to cope with the lunatics at the Curse or Jigsaw at Saw Alive.


The Rides


If you love roller coasters you will enjoy them even more in the dark. As the sun sets the coasters become a whole new experience as you appear to fly higher and faster in the hours of darkness. Challenge yourself to a ride on Colossus, the world’s first coaster with ten inversions or shoot through the volcano at Nemesis Inferno. Vie with Jigsaw and a bed of spikes at Saw the Ride and experience the thrill of the launch at Stealth. In 2013 guests will be able to ride the Swarm backwards and in the dark for a high speed chase through a devastation zone after an alien attack.




There is a devilish atmosphere at Thorpe during the Fright Nights. The mazes are full of strange creatures lurking in dark corners and many guests join in the fun by donning suitable costumes to take on the rides. The park is adorned with Halloween decorations and there is general party spirit about the place as the day ends and the evening begins. 




Thorpe Park can be reached by shuttle bus from both Staines and Chertsey stations which are on the line from London Waterloo. There is ample parking if you have a car and the park is situated just a few minutes from the M4 and M25 motorways. Thorpe Park is open until 9pm or later on Fright Nights giving visitors extra time to take in all of the rides and the special attractions. Check the park’s website for the days of operation and be prepared for large crowds at the weekends.